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  Greenbrier Property Owners Association, Inc.​​​

Rules and Regulations

Rules and Regulations for the members of the Greenbrier Property Owners Association

Front Yards
Yards need to be mowed, edged and weeded on a regular basis – usually once a week.
Front yards should have grass with no large bare areas. Evergreen shrubbery should be planted at
the front foundation of the house. Mulch or other approved ground cover should surround the
plants and be kept free of weeds and grass.
The curb and gutter at the street in front of your house should be kept clean and free of leaves and
other debris so that water flows freely into the storm drains.
Furniture in the front of the house is limited to small decorative outdoor chairs or benches near the
front door.
Grills, tools, bicycles, toys, coolers, and other items should be stored in the back yard when they are
not being used.
Basketball goals cannot be used in the front of homes in the neighborhoods of Mill Quarter, River
Birch Run and Woodgate Commons due to the close proximity of vehicles and homes.

House Exteriors
Trim work and other painted areas should be free from peeling and wood should be replaced if it
begins to rot.
The siding of the house should be cleaned periodically to prevent dirt or mildew stains.
Windows and screens should be in good repair.
No sheets, towels, blankets, newspapers, cardboard, etc. shall be used on windows.
Gutters on the house should be periodically cleaned so they do not trap water and create an area
for mosquitoes to breed.
Changes to the outside of the house (new roof, fence, deck, paint colors, etc.) require prior approval from
the Architectural Review Committee.

Vehicles should not be parked in the front, side or back yard.
Vehicles should be operational and properly licensed according to city and state ordinances, unless
they are stored in the garage or covered with a properly fitting cover designed for the vehicle.
Only minor, incidental repairs to vehicles can be made on the lot.

R. V.’s
Boats, open and closed trailers, campers, jet skis, R.V.’s, etc. are not allowed on the lot unless they are kept
in the garage or an approved shed.

Trash cans, bags and bulk trash items should be stored out of view from the front of the house until
24 hours before trash collection. Containers should be removed from the curb and stored out of
view within 24 hours after pick up. Trash should be stored in secured trash containers to keep rodents away.
Trash should be placed out for collection in front of your house at the end of your driveway or curb
of your property– not at the common grounds, at the corner, etc.
Bulk trash items have specific guidelines and require a reservation in order to be picked up. The City
of Chesapeake trash guidelines should be followed and are available at cityofchesapeake.net or by
calling 757-382-CITY (2489).

Political Signs
Political signs of typical size, such as for sale signs, may be posted in yards. The signs should be removed
within seven days after the election.

Fire Pits and Grilling
Fire pits should be at least 10 feet away from any structure when being used.
Grills should be at least 5 feet away from any structure when being used.
Fire pits and grills should not be used under overhanging branches.
A water source should be kept nearby.
Fire pits should not be used on a wooden deck.
Smoke that drifts toward a nearby house from your fire pit can create a nuisance to your neighbors and can
be ordered to be extinguished by the Fire Department.

City of Chesapeake ordinances apply:
Pets are not allowed to run free throughout the neighborhood or common grounds. When walking your pet,
keep it on a leash at all times.
Animal droppings need to be picked up immediately and properly disposed of.
Barking dogs can create a nuisance to the neighbors at any time of day and should be brought inside if they
are barking continually.
City of Chesapeake Animal Ordinances are available at cityofchesapeake.net

Common Grounds
All common ground areas, sidewalks, parks and lakes are for the exclusive use of GPOA residents
and their guests only.
Power scooters, mopeds and other motorized equipment is not allowed on the common grounds
and sidewalks. Golf carts can be used only with permission from the GPOA Board of Directors.
Vehicles are not to be driven in the common areas.
Ball playing is allowed in wide open areas where it doesn’t interfere with nearby homes.
Only residents that are within the age range posted at each playground can use the play equipment.
Items are not to be stored on the common grounds (trashcans, wood, toys, etc.).
All GPOA parks open at dawn and close at dusk.

Swimming, diving, playing or wading in the lakes is strictly prohibited. Children should be closely
supervised when playing near the water.
No gasoline powered boats can be used on the lakes. Only canoes, kayaks, jon boats, row boats
and similar vessels are allowed on the lake. The use of small electric trolling motors is allowed.
A fishing license from the State of Virginia is required when fishing from the lakes.
Do not feed the wildlife (turtles, geese, ducks, etc).
It is strongly recommended that U. S. Coast Guard approved life preservers are worn during lake activities.
Lakes close at sunset and open at sunrise.

Please contact the GPOA office at 757-547-9229 or gpoa@gpoahomes.org if you have any questions.
Greenbrier Property Owners Association, Inc.
1021 Eden Way North, Suite 132
Chesapeake, VA 23320

Adopted by the GPOA Board of Directors on 10/19/17